Welcome to Sneezesafe®

The Sneezesafe® program is an educational health program designed and developed for Australian classrooms and has been running in schools since 2011. There are great prizes for both schools and children to win.

The Sneezesafe program will not be running in 2019. The website will remain active, providing useful tips to help children learn how to be Sneezesafe!.

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Become Sneezesafe® this year

Sneezesafe® provides a range of engaging and interactive classroom resources for primary school aged children. Children will learn how to “catch” sneezes with a tissue, “bin” them into the wastepaper basket, and “wash” the virus by washing their hands.


How it works

The Sneezesafe® program has four steps to raise awareness about staying Sneezesafe®.



Learn more about the program by clicking here.


Download The Toolkit

The toolkit consists of lesson plans and other printed materials such as posters and certificates.


Teach the program

Online games, puzzles, lesson activities and a fun competition teach children about good respiratory hygiene.


Send it

Parents can support and reinforce classroom learning with home activities, as well as encouraging children to enter the competitions.

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